Anti Block Dialer Solutions

Since the Anti Block Solutions by Farassoo International limited is a secured one, it safeguards against hack and theft

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Anti Block Solutions

VPN Tunnel:Anti-block solution is the answer when you want to use VoIP technology irrespective of your location. This upcoming technology is ramping up in popularity with converted pre-paid service and Farassoo International limited is a provider of this new and in vogue technology to its clients all over the world. Having the latest tunneling technology, the call quality that it delivers is exceptionally clear and crisp. Use of Anti-block dialer proves to give monetary saving for the organization, no matter how small or big it may be, by saving cost on expensive telecommunication systems and technology.
System Includes in Anti Block Solution (ABS)
1. Anti Block / Tunneling Server
2. Anti Block / Tunneling Dialer (Android, iPhone and Windows PC)


  • Easy to use, install and reliable
  • Safeguarded against theft and hacking
  • Cheapest call rates
  • Amazing sound quality and clarity
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Fast and reliable performance
  • Ability to call over any IP in the world
  • Lower traffic congestion
  • Low overhead
  • Universally compatible with wide range of devices
  • Better than conventional VPN situation
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